The People Involved in Maryon Park Community Garden

Maryon Park Community Garden
Maryon Park Community garden was established by the Friends but is now run as a independent not-for-profit council recognised community group. The Community Garden provided raised growing plots for local people who do not have gardens or for whom gardening can have health benefits and local retired people. 

Maryon Park Community Garden Committee
The Community garden is managed by a committee elected by the plot holders and garden volunteers:
Chair: Timothy C. Anderson B.Ed.(Hons)  Ad.Dip.(Man.)  M.A.
Vice Chair: Dr Paul Breen B.A.(Hons)
Secretary and Coordinator: Edna Anderson SRN RGN SRCN 
Treasurer: Fred Barwick Cert.(Ed) (Community Group Qualified Treasurer)
Plus six additional committee members
Community Garden Maintenance: Alan Webb

The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks 
The Friends of Maryon and Maryon Wilson Parks are a local voluntary community group who have an interest in the parks and the two associated green spaces, Gilbert’s Pit and Barrier Gardens, in the of north Charlton. The Friends work with Greenwich Council to help maintain and improve the parks. The Friends regularly help to clear the park of litter and rubbish and establish special projects including the 'Maryon Park Community Garden' and a 'Wild Life Meadow' in Maryon Wilson Parks.
The Friends publish leaflets, cards and calendars about the parks.
Further information about the Friends can be found on their Website:

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